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American Dairy Goat

"The lambs are for thy clothing, and the goats are the price of the field."
Proverbs 27:26
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Milk-N-Mor D-Nite Robin

B1421418P DOB: 2-15-07 More info @ ADGA Genetics

           SS: Milk-N-Mor Duke of Redbud Mt
Sire: Milk-N-More B/Duke's Dillon
           SD: Man's Bonita

           DS: Milk-N-Mor Ritzman
Dam: Milk-N-Mor Super Nightbird
           DD: Milk-N-Mor Mans Super Redwing

Linear Appraisal:
      2-03 85 +EVV
      3-06 87 VVVV
      4-04 89 VVEE

Show Record:
      2009: 1x RGCH, 1x GCH, 1x BOB, Volunteer State GBA
      1x RGCH, Grinder's Switch Goat Classic
      2011: 1x RGCH, Grinder's Switch Goat Classic