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American Dairy Goat

"Man does not have the only memory, The animals remember, The earth remembers, The stones remember, If you know how to listen, they will tell you many things."
Claude Kuwanijuma (Hopi spiritual leader)
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AB1567264 DOB: 3-26-11 More info @ ADGA Genetics

           SS: SG +*B White-Haven Sousa
                5-03 EX 92 EEE
Sire: *B Heaven's Hollow Avatar
      1-02 85 VV+
           SD: GCH Heaven's Hollow Lil Susie 5*M
                5-04 EX 90 VEEE
                5-00 222 2320 3.7 85 2.8 65
                2005 National: JrGCH

           DS: Milk-N-Mor Ritzman's Morgan
Dam: CH Milk-N-Mor Erin's Elegance
      6-02 87 VV+V
           DD: CH Milk-N-Mor Erin Rexanne