It seems to be a tradition every year leading up to Thanksgiving that I’ve noticed on FaceBook.   People post daily what they are grateful for.  I’ve seen this tradition carried out but have never done so myself.    I do have lots to be grateful for:  my wonderful sons Jay and Jonathan.   My health.  My job.  My farm.   But, there always seems to be a glaring hole in my gratefulness where Eddie used to be.

This past week I was a member of the December 2013 mission trip to LaRepresa, Dominican Republic with New Vision Baptist Church in Murfreesboro.     I’ve come away with one word burning in my mind:  Grateful!

Having never been to a third world country before I was stunned by how little the majority of people in the Dominican Republic have.    Things that we, I, take for granted.    Electricity that is available whenever we want it.   Clean running water, that won’t make you sick or give you parasites.   And a host of smaller things.  It made me truly realize how much we, I, have to be grateful for!

I am grateful for Linda McMillan.    This lady has successfully started a dairy goat operation in the Dominican Republic.    A true visionary.   She and her husband have also started a Christian school on their property.     Educating the local children and spreading the word of God.


The Dec 2013 Mission Group


I am grateful for Melanie Spence.   Without her guidance, the interpreters and the drivers she organizes for the mission teams I can promise you we would be SO LOST!  (In more ways than one!)

I am grateful for the direction of our New Vision Baptist mission pastors.   Daniel Koon, Phillip Robinson and ultimately Brady Cooper.    Doug Campbell of Re-Vision has been a huge part of getting this goat project started.    He’s learned more about goats than he ever expected too!   Without their vision none of this would be possible.

I am grateful for the Ludlam family that have been obedient to their calling from God and are living in the community.   Loving on the people of LaRepresa and living life with them.    This family has come to mean so much to me!!   Thank you so much Mo & Tamara Ludlam for spending time with me this past week!    So grateful for all the work that has already been accomplished for the goat project in LaRepresa.    There is already a goat pen with good fence, and a goat shelter.

Goat Shelter

Goat Shelter

I am so very grateful to have met Eugenia (pronounced U-Hey-Nee-Uh).     Eugenia is a widow in the community.   She has a little goat named MeMe.   We don’t speak the same language, but we were immediately bonded goat sisters and Sisters in Christ!

Eugenia & I

Eugenia & I

Most of all I am so grateful to our great God.     A little over 2000 years ago He gave us the greatest gift of all.. His One True Son.    Free from sin, who came to be among us, as a regular person, not a wealthy prince or a rigid pharisee.    My Lord and Savior Jesus gave his life for me,  so that I can be freed from all my junk (and there is plenty of junk!).    For that…   I am eternally grateful.





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